Перевод песни Dumonde – Memory

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Today I'm gonna start again,
Find my home,
If only I could escape,
My danger zone,
I have to take my own advice,
Don't make it hard,
There's something in the universe,
The birghtest star.
Here's what I've been waiting for,
Day, night, seen it all before
Memory! Telling lies,
I am scared and cannot hide,
When I sleep,
Be my guide,
Could this be my paradise?
Something deep in my soul,
Tells me where I must go,
All my dreams, telling lies,
Could this be my paradise?
I want to share it all with you,
The special place,
Imagining the perfect day,
In time and space,
The secret of the universe,
Is beautiful,
If you could listen close enough,
You'd here it call...
Here's what I've been waiting for...