Перевод песни Chill Bump – It's Alive !

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Here we go now, quit recking my stereo-sound
Spitting rhymes like a merry go round
Talking ‘bout your heavy fo' pound
Your barretta, your cheddar, your megalo style
Fella, quit messing around
Measure yo message yo, merit yo crown
Many clowns making money, many men wanna rap
Every dummy wanna spit it but how many profound?
Mcs are an army of clones
Talking ‘bout their revolvers n' clothes
Baccardi n' hoes, with garbagy flows
Is a beat really that hard to compose?
Hip-hop comes from the heart n' the bones
You can feel it when I'm rockin' my shows
I'm a lyricist, I'mma spit about every bit of it
I'm living it: a real MC already knows !
I keep rockin' til I need oxygen
Peace to all the beat boxers n'
Beat makers, the DJs, the street breakers
N' those that keep watching 'em
Graph writers that paint the city
They spray the walls, they make 'em gritty
Displaying stories that talk to me
In a way that's witty
Individual vultures are killing the culture
With no heart in the music
You should move if you don't wanna unify hip-hop
N' be a part of the movement, stupid !
Yeah... You heard what I said
Fuck the rumours this lot spread
I'mma tell every motherfucker listenin'
(Hip-hop is not dead!)
Stop the fuss dog, what's the problem?
Trust me y'all, the culture ain't dead it's just evolvin'
(Hip-Hop is not dead !)
Like Latin, a language dies when it does not move
So let it live, let it mix, let it choose
(Hip-Hop is not dead!)
Suckers debate over who's so dope n' who's so not
Hip-hop police suck my you know what!
(Hip-Hop is not dead!)
Don't be Nostalgic about something that you can keep breathing
That's a good enough reason...
(It's Alive... !)