Перевод песни White Fields – Rust

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Do you remember
What you told me about birds of a feather
Still all that ever fucking changes
Is the problems and the weather
One day you will regret
You'll feel the sun burn in your back
Your feet stuck in all your lies
Blood runs out of your eyes
The antidote of grace and all we've ever been
All that is left of my love — screws in a liars chin
As much as i am afraid
That everything will change
I fear the fucking fact
That things will stay the same
They will always stay the same
As the sun sets and leaves you here
Flashbacks and fucking fears
All you need to fucking know
Is that you always will be miles from home
This year of swallowing it all
Made me rust inside I let you fall
And as your lungs begin to drench you finally will see
That it is not about the wish of who you want to be
Burnt soil and a tiny note: «you're not welcome anymore»
Birds of a feather are worth nothing when they're different at the core
Now, may you just rest in peace