Перевод песни White Fields – Midas Touch

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There are nights when I walk home
And I still hear your voice
Hear all those whining sweeping whispers
Of broken faith and let down joys
Fucking flashbacks of times
When you were by my side
I see your face, your hazle eyes
And this smile that shines so bright
Now every time I fall asleep —
I will end up dead
So I stay awake at night
A sweat-soaked pillow round my neck
This love is a one way street which ends in regret
Only you could guide me the right way
Or i will end up dead
I fear every step I take
Will drag me further away
From these memories of better days
And that i will always betray myself another time
And things will go the wrong way again
Oh i'm tired of searching for someone
That takes my hand
You could bring back love to this again
But every time we try we'll end up
At the same spot
Over and over again
Over and over again!
For me
It's more like a
Different type
Of midas touch
Cause everything I start
Falls to dust
Please, let it be different this time
Please, stop this voice in my head
Piss off and never come back