Перевод песни Suzanna Lubrano – 2 Steps Back

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In the dark is where you're keeping me
I can't find a way to your true feelings
Tell me what I've got to is killing me (killing me)
In your heart, tell me do I have a place
Every time I try to get through to you
You just keep on pushing me so far away (far away)
One step forward, two steps back
You say we're only friends
Playing those games again
Remember what you told me
The one you call
When you're feeling lonely
One step forward, two steps back,
I keep on falling
Deeper and deeper and
Deeper in love with you
So tell me what I'm gonna do
After all the things we've been through
I keep on loving you (I keep on loving you)
No matter where I run to
You've got a hold on me (you've got a hold on me)
All of the times you've hurt me
I was too blind to see (I was too blind to see)
Love makes me run back to you
You've got a hold on me (hold on me)
Now I know what I should have known before
You do little things that keep confusing me
And I get the feeling that you're using me
Yet still, I just can't leave you alone
Every time I think I wanna run away
Give me just enough to make me wanna stay
I should have left you alone
From the very first time that you broke my heart
Time and time again from the very start
Cause ain't nothing changed, you're still the same
Deep inside we both know that I just
Cannot let you go
Hold on me, hold on me, you've got a hold on me, hold on me