Перевод песни Rhonda Vincent – I Can Make Him Whisper I Love You

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Lately I have caught myself still thinking
Of someone that I haven’t seen in years
I lose myself in my imagination
And pretty soon I find myself in tears
Funny how a gal goes right on hopin
Even after years of hope is gone
I know by now Ive faded from his memory
But in my heart his memorys still so strong
I can tell myself that he still thinks about me
And find some comfort thinking that its true
Right here within my own imagination
I can make him whisper I love you
After all this time I should be over
The heartaches that one time caused such pain
And by this time I should have found a new love
But years have not extinguished all the flames
So Ill go right on living with his memory
Even if its just for my hearts sake
For as long as I have my imagination
Ive got a hope that no one else can take
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