Перевод песни Knifeworld – Singled Out for Battery

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Golem-box torrent, wheatsheaf alive,
Beckon fix Gabriel, apparition of light.
Heave-ho Somnambul, the ingestor my hoax,
Can’t spittoon my donor but by Christ you’ll try.
Nitrogen breather, no mask, no idea,
No I.D. inner matrix of graft.
Cost of derailment, hedge three of five,
Bad arm dictator in factory walkout.
Workforce awoken from pre-minimum wage doss,
Full bodied prong war, minion fat-cat dribble.
Three thousand automatons, here they come,
For the Babel superior race.
Phallic maroon column, Piss-Nelson crofter,
Spunk/ acid/ death, revelation of love.
Is it vibrations what make us tick over?
Or is shrugging doubt, death pulling hard on your cuff?