Перевод песни Knifeworld – Me to the Future of You

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Wait for a fall, and you’d want to try and recall,
Times spent in better days, wasting a glorious afternoon.
Think back to summer and you’d want to,
But I’m losing you this time.
Can’t decide if I mind.
When oceans earn the right to dry up,
And stars have fallen earthward by the score.
Ah! The end reeks of familiar,
Of ever after me to you.
Final her flames are beautiful,
Close your eyes and close me out of sight.
We’re not for certain cut. Desire,
That calls me back to you and loses time.
Sold, expired, retarded, burnt out,
Will you still kiss my charred remains?
Oh your face looks like an angel,
Lips and lids are closing, it’s alright.
«I never printed too hard with the Allaways,
We riddled cradles to coffins, spastics to boffins,
And threw ourselves in line with the universe expanding.
With all the trinkets clutching, you deserved,
To force a post into history you’d reserved.
I never printed too hard with the Allaways.
I know you heard it before, but we all came from the stars,
And these protons and nucleus are all we really are.
I never printed too hard with the Allaways,
And sent a D.N.A. code into traction,
It’s got a sigil of an overbite, ah! ah!
And now it’s spinning like a wheel,
Like a chakra in reverse.
It’s got a reason to print with me everyday,
Was I merely a blip along the way?
And over and ever forever it’s finite,
Over and ever forever infinite,
On thin ice.
It’s breaking in transmutation.
And it’s born again,
And it gets formed again.
And it’s coming back in two,
And now it’s coming back two times.»