Перевод песни Amos Milburn – I'm in My Wine

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WINE Well I'm feelin' kinda good now, cuz I'm in my wine.
Sometimes I'm laughin' and then again I'm cryin'.
I don't mean you no harm, I'm just in my wine.
People talkin' to myself Standin' in the middle of the floor.
I've been here for an hour tryin'to get the picture on my radio.
I don't mean to do you no harm, I'm in my wine. *interlude* dududududu Early in the mornin', you see me walkin' down the street, on a corner where the white
heeds leap.
I'm just in my wine.
People makin whine if I make a lot of noise.
Yes I'm screamin' on the top of my voice.
Oh that good wine.
Uh Uh uh.
So good, so good.