Перевод песни Josh Martinez – I've Got Devils

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I didn't even know where I was
I was so confused
But despite the lack of light I can't be eradicated
A plague in a parks
On your first born best educated
Many minds debated the lines dissected
And in time perfected
The approach indirected a code for all the following native to coach
Now the words can't be heard aloud in the crowd
You're not allowed to dwell in my well
And dark clouds
I'm a shithead like that
Still think heaven is a place on Earth?
When I purposely perverted the worse clone that I own
And let him roam first
So God created man to stand alone
And now I only trust my angels
And even they sleep around
When on the ground floor they whore
That you shits get away with poor attitude
And sure you're mad and wound and curse my name
But when the fluid came
You washed away and weren't the same
Shameful, sorry, pitiful fools can do nothing right
Like the first time a light shined you went blind
And killed as many of your fellow kind
As I will to let go And still you wind and bitch
And moan and switch the bone you pick
And I'm getting so very fucking sick of it!
I was burned when it came
And they played more when they turned their backs
And saluted with their ass cracks
And walked away from the deluded world facts
So bark my little pets
Hark! I can see those silhouettes go to war
And rape the Earth
And keep on smoking your cigarettes
I've got angels, I've got angels
I've got devils, I've got devils
So cute to see you smoke
And a coffee to go with that? ah...
Word up wordie
Word up wordie
Kiss me, kiss me... muah!
See, I've grown up so I just own the cup
And drink my vows of sobriety
To a deity not immediately known for piety
So society is my fix to show we exist and grow
Like plagues way out of control of their leagues
I'm a spiritual man but give the devil its new damn
It's not a soul around that throws a party like he do Half mexican, part jamaican, fully hebrew
I stood on a rock meditating til I was fully see through
Between me and you
I'm sitting in sand sitting in guilt surrounded
By the abandoned work frame of the house of guilt
And first founded
Having astounded my neighbours with the bare facts
I proceeded to carve my name into his house
With care and a fair size axe along the attacks
Let's bring this baby down
It's chained to the crib muzzled and it can't make a sound
And when it starts teething pike in a gag
Stop his breathing and his face turns red
And then even after it's dead and gone
I can always say all along
That I knew Nietzsche was wrong
God's not dead!
He's in a sallow full of sand
He's passing the time and rise again
In the aftermath of man
And when you hear the words recited like a fool
And tell'em you heard it from Josh
On a beat that Nool wrote...
I've got angels, I've got angels
I've got devils, I've got devils
So cute to see you smoke
Sure I dwell in hell but you know
It's not all that bad
Cause I'm surrounded by my friends
And so many I know are glad
To be a part of the family
Sad, because we get such bad publicity
It's not so black and white
In fact we're proud of our ethnicity!
Write the first line of thinking
Tight and light drinking and sure it gets stinking hot
But we get a light sprinkling sometimes
I remember being spermed in all hell fires forever
However times have changed
We've now retired that lame devil look
My ... couldn't wait to get at the great catch
When they saw the car keys
And couldn't match the DNA with the obadge o-oh
Death by diatribe
My peoples are incapsulated
Children put in cells
But perhaps thay made a pass
And spread after the fact
I know I talk too much
But can I offer you a seat?
Are you cold?
Well let me discretely go and turn up the heat!
I've been all around the world and
I-I-I-I-I can't find enough souls to bind
So if you'll let me
I'll try to be brief
And just speak my mind
I wanna be frank with you
I know you work hard every day
And when I say that life spanks you
You know I'm in your corner all the way
I've seen your kids pray for the day
When they can have it all
And not have you talke the fault
For you not having the gut to come to me
I can make it all better
I can make you see through
Where you can't
Cause I can be true to my word
And grant you everything you want
Your wife spoke my name last night
As she slept a haunted sleep
And she weeps but she creeps from the cracks
And tries to keep undaunted
I understand that you're a man
Who couldn't be everything you wanted
So let me help!
I'm only here to steer you through the fear
I want nothing but a soul on my control
So hear me clearly!
I can be your best friend and cast a blessing on your baby
Cause when hell freezes over I'll be in bed with you lady...
Sleep tight!
I've got angels, I've got angels
I've got devils, I've got devils
So cute to see you smoke