Перевод песни Josh Martinez – Letter To July

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Letter to july...
Man made mostly to be unable to come close to each other
Like brother loves brother, rubs me the wrong way
Mom say, «play together nice or don't play at all.»
But i don't believe that, in fact, with every word i scrawl
I can see my calling, crystal clear, falling into place next to fear
I'll long to kiss your lips but i'll be gone within the year
And here i stand in the middle of a parade
Where the band played on beyond the dawn's early light brigade
They came and went and everyone did exactly as they were told
They only knew that leopold the bold would give them a chance to grow old
And that's the man i want to walk behind blind-folded
With golden mind-control to find the hole
That's been ripped along the dotted-line and folded
Back together again. i can still remember when
I met you open-eyed in the opium den
That was the first time i saw july fly, and know not why
But from then on, my callin' became clouded
My scrawlin' became shrouded with thoughts of you
Often i wonder what my pops would do Would he stand and shake your hand or Clench his fist as he talked to you?
Well i was taught to do only one thing at a time
And record it as the truth until i prove it was mine
So with that in mind, i leave with everything i know
I love you like leather-bound books but it looks like i gotta go
I'll always be yours
Scribbin' the scribe
July, i'll be home when i can