Перевод песни Cud – Purple Love Balloon

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The first time that I saw you,
You were running scared,
You assured me,
Your clothes were making chase,
Your mouth was making shapes before me,
The second time you touched me,
Your hands sent ripples through me,
You’re one in a million, take me home,
Make dragons fly, make dragons roam,
You’re one in a million,
And I will see you soon,
I want to take you high in my…
Purple Love Balloon.
The second time you touched me,
Your hands went running through me,
It was white so I could find me,
the second time you loved me,
the dragon was inside me,
I want to take you high,
In my Purple Love Balloon,
I want to thumb a ride,
In my Purple Love Balloon,
I want to make you fly,
In my Purple Love Balloon.