Перевод песни Steel Flowers – Summer Tale

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You recognize what's happened to you
Only when all is over
Only when you realize
You're wrong
Summer, season of tales lived
Without any reason
Risen cause of your
Impulsive nature.
We share a passion, our burning fire
A thought overcomes your jagged heart
One night's tales coincide
With the pain of gap
When you return to your
Ordinary life
While your dream is to fall
Through that island
We share a passion, our burning fire
It's a summer tale
(Where there's still the certainty that you can feel something strong.)
It's only, It's only, It's only a Summer tale
The mystery that comes with you
It's only your most evident aspect
The one that doesn't allow
Freedom freedom any more.
Memories talk about
No lived tales
Memories thrown down a well
The well'll be full again
The first tale inside will be Delete by a sort of censure
And you'll fall down into
The same fuckin' mistake...
We share a passion, our burning fire