Перевод песни Savoy – Daylight`s Wasting

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Washington square’s right up the street
That was the place where we would meet
Outside the dog run, don’t be late
Most of the time I’d sit and wait
Looking at people passing by A customer’s begging his supply
Just as you thought she wouldn’t show
There she come’s running
Don’t you know it Daylight’s wasting
I can taste it As it falls from the sky
I had a band of certain faim
The brownstone walk
Ups was our name
The singer was fair but got it wrong
He never did justice to my songs
He did more for me and that’s a fact
When he went and stabbed me in the back
So, I’ve gotta do now, do’t you know
What I should’ve done five years ago
Daylight’s wasting
Yeah, I can taste it As it falls from the sky