Перевод песни Hyper Crush – Sex And Drugs

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She wants some
Sex and drugs
Sex, sex and drugs
You know she wants some
Sex and drugs
Sex, sex and drugs
Slow your roll
Go blow for blow
I boldly go, oh no no no
I told you so, oh!
Go for broke bitch
We’re getting crazy like were going on a coke binge
She says she doesn’t like coke
She likes the way it smells
I told the bitch she was crazy before she went to jail
One to the two
Money this is what we do
We get stupid in the club
Cause I’m a fucking fool and
I’m rocking chucks with Mercedes on my chest
Walking 'round grabbing ladies on the breasts
She’s like
I’m gonna go where no girls ever been before, uh huh!
I know that you can take me
You, you make my body numb
I want it I need it so bad
That I do anything that you want
Just tell me where to put it
If you got it, I can do it
Sex and drugs
Yup, this is what she loves
Yup, I seen her up in the club
Shaking her fucking stuff
Louder then a bomb, bitch
Why you smoking drugs?
Is it because you really want someone to show you love?
I can do it, follow me
To the alley up the street
Just pretend you and me
Are up in Maui on the beach
Now blow my top
Hey, don’t you stop
I ain’t got no type of drugs
But I got some soda pop
«Haha! Haha,» she laughed
Ugh, she left me hanging
Holy schnikes I was mad
I-I couldn’t take it
She’s like