Перевод песни George Benson – One Like You

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I got something to say to you… I’m gonna bring it down front
I’m not gonna pull any punches, baby… I’m gonna be blunt
I want you so bad… I wanna make love to you
I decided… I’m not gonna hide it
Chorus: All my life I’ve been searching for (one like you)
Somebody I could give (myself to)
Who’ll make me feel good (through and through)
So why wouldn’t I be putting my focus on you
You’ve excited a part of me… way down deep
And this feeling I get from you… I wanna keep
I hope you see fit… to come on and be with me
If you let me… I promise you won’t regret me
Chorus (repeat twice)
I’m hoping you are hoping to me being with you, babe
Bridge: Looking through this window of opportunity.
… I can see clearly you’d be with me
This is my chance and I’m not gonna blow it.
… this is our time and I want you to know it
Chorus (repeat twice)
Why wouldn’t I try puttiin' my faith in us
I’m hoping you are hoping to me being with you
Chorus… ad lib to the end
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