Перевод песни Rufus Thomas Jr. – Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Engineered scientifically, assist with efficiency
Leave gifts for the team under green like a Christmas tree
A laner's dream made of goo, brute with the one two
Punch through your crew with the kung fu I leave puddles, countergank for doubles
It's always sunny when the green man jungles
Blue pull then I grab wolves into wraith camp
Pioneer of the fast clear and it pays man
Created from a textbook, connect with a left hook
Step to the special weapon get shook
Get your life took, stretching strike win the fight
Leave you brutalized right where you once stood
I'm no good, Goliath with a sling shot
A self fling into anything and I can't be stopped
I'm science hell, divide you like a cell
Applied well I fly in high dive and tank spells
Bank swells, hit the the shop throwing cash around
I'm your new favorite green organic compound
I confound confuse and amaze, amuse with my plays
Abuse every phase and don't lose for days
Throw a cleaver in your back side
Feels like you lack drive
When I'm behind the wheel my ultimate is Mach Five
You should be shocked guy, but it's not my fault
I'm runnin' to you and my waists secured with Brand's ult
Your team is fond of me, I'm an anomaly
Stick my tongue out and I run while you're all on to me
It dawned on me, you're pawns to me Your base is like a spawn to me
I'm campin' on your Ahri cause Mundo goes where he wants to please
And I'm not asking for permission
I'm hunting down your bounties and I'm keeping the remissions
You're missin', your skillshots
I'm dippin', when kills drop
Stop, gimme some time to base, refill, and shop
You need a blue buff to be helpful
But when I'm using all my skills I'm draining my own health pool
Cause I don't give a shit if you're sending four people top to me
I'm pushin' down your turret and nobody's ever stoppin' me You all drop to me, lane swap to flee
You should calm yourself, meditate like Master Yi You will throb pain, mostly cause I mop lames
This will be your final hour, especially cause you're not Vayne
I'm charging into sight, you're so scared that your esophagus
Is clenching up, you're standing toe to toe with what the apocalypse
Will manifest into a horseman if it was monstrous
My crowning act is sealing Amumu's sarcophagus
I'm the king of this jungle, got it locked
Getting first blood mid, level 3, then I'm walking top
Waiting for a chance to pounce, which isn't hard (he talks a lot)
We get him low, I'm spamming Q, I LOVE it when their body drops
I diversify my ganks, I don't like campin'
I spread the face of the community..."Still Rampant"
You give credit of my existence to black magic
But it don't make a difference when I'm ulting in for hat tricks
I'm Hecarim, the enigma from the Shadow Isles
Shredding and I'm cleaving through your ranks, like the battle's wild
Enjoy whatever time you have left until sundown
Because you'll hear the screams from your team when I run around
When you see me, your best plan's to fall back
I'll drop you so fast, you would wish you were alt tabbed
And in fact what I'll unmask, throughout this war path
Is my intent, to see if you sink inside this blood bath
Yo, I'm malevolent, level up, level 2 lizard buff
Hello FIRST BLOOD, shiv you — no fisticuffs
Hazing the brain of your laners
Invading while you're raging and negating your double buffs
This ain't a practical joke, you're practically smoke
Cos when you see the orange flash you'll practically croak
You're practically yoke, your skull's an egg man and I'm getting my toast
Cos I eat scrubs for breakfast till I actually choke
They'll want a restraining order the way I'm causing mass disorder
Crossed the border, couldn't afford a ward huh?
Sorta scored a tight reward, hah, thanks for the gold kid
My double ain't something to roll with
Exploded, daggers unloaded the game — you've thrown it
I'm whoring dorans, only focused on backdooring
Exploring every which way for my boxes to start flooring
Your boring team — ignoring adoring allies cos fanboys need warning
I'm only here for blood pouring till it's soaring overhead
I've got a magic trick to show you! Please, all gather round
I'll show you what it means to be coulrophobic — fearing clowns
I'll slit the throat of your king and dance around with his crown
Call me usurper cos this jester is a king now