Перевод песни Leo Sayer – Pop Life

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I used to play the clown
Making headlines in this town
I was living — the pop life
Everybody stared
At the make up that I weared
I was living — the pop life
Everything I did was new
And I didn't really have a clue
I made some people rich
Got treated like a bitch — pop life
It was 1981
When I finally had some fun
Really livin' - the pop life
Travelling round the world
With a dozen crazy girls
We were living — the pop life
They taught me a trick or two
Like how to never never get the blues
It's easy when you know
How to let your spirit go — pop life
It's alright — all night — pop life
You get it right — it's outa site — pop life
Now I'm getting old
I'm just doing what I'm told
I 'ain't livin' - the pop life
I made a little bread
Got a forty acre spread
Thanks to living the pop life
It's alright — my life — the pop life
It's outa site -all night — the pop life
Yeah the high light — of my life — was the pop life