Перевод песни God Help The Girl – Baby’s Just Waiting

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Baby's just waiting for a melody,
Baby's just waiting for a girl
Some piece of comfort on a rainy day,
Some piece of comfort in the world
But are you ready to play your part?
Or will you crawl back into your hole
Baby's just waiting for your time to come
Baby's just hoping for a break
Some piece of sunshine from the sky above
Why should they have all the fun?
20 years of education, you'd need 20 minutes of emancipation
Baby, it's time to get out
20 years incarceration, 20 minutes of elucidation
I'd like to be your source of freedom
I've got an idea, it's going to take more than a year
Baby's just waiting for the phone to ring (you need to get a new phone)
Baby's just hoping for some love (you have to get some)
Please look around, you are so out of time (it's for your own good, you snob)
How much does milk cost?
Honey, you dress like the 50s,
You watch I Love Lucy,
You fail in every category of what a modern man should be You dress from the thrift store,
Won't open your front door,
You fail in every category
Of the man that would interest me,
Of the boy i would take seriously
Of the kid that was eager to please