Перевод песни Shearwater – My Only Boy

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My only boy, be not so blind
Open your eyelids wide. In through your mouth, breathe soft, light...
There are no words, no hands, no eyes
To show where a door stands wide
In through your mouth, breathe soft, light...
Let your heart stand open
When silence trickles down, bright
And softly, slowly surrounds
Your little ghost town
Set all the silver lamps alight
Open the windows wide
(come to me now, in soft light)
Show every world in its separate light-
(A gull's wing, a crow's dark eye)
Where all the city's foundlings lie
When your heart stands open
And offered to a crowd
Draw lines around your chosen life
And let it burn, bright —
Over all the lovely faces
(In place of the sun
In place of the moon...)