Перевод песни Ratking – Comic

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I suppose you think this is funny
Nonsense, these rules putting me in a uniform
All I can say is you've got a sense of humor
Just remember you started it and I'm gonna finish it I really hope you get it...
I really hope you fucking get it Yo Hak
Yo Hak, Hak!
Shut the fuck up!
You don't make no difference
At least I'm fucking trying, what the fuck have you done
Took you to a high-rise, see if you sky dive
Tryna uplift the race
What then you gonna throw some 24's on it?
At large COMIC, at large COMIC
COMIC falls, COMIC's dead, COMIC
COMIC, COMIC's alive
Strapped to trains, don't walk four walls
Sea-sickened punks get stopped, what's raw?
Hurtin' lurkin' through curtains
For certain they'll be burnin'
When I get some courage to lay a surgeon
It's been certain, underground learnin' how I get by Underground turnin' bouta puke (blagh)
Earned it, now pay respect
Wait 'til the cops have left
Huntin' no I ain't slept
In the wait of awakin' I'm gettin' mine
I swing again
Ain't even on a level to think of this
COMIC in the streets like betcha betcha
Bettin' he ain't let nothin' get him
That's to the cops tryna catch him
Just to test him, that's what my moneys on This is where the honeys form
You just a dummy pawn
Get it on the board I'm a scummy don
Funny you pig, I snatch that, long gone
Got a question, why you so long mon?
Up the image, but you chillin' in your long johns
Explode these streets, you know it's me Not from my face, but you know it's me Trust me you gonna see, you gotta see
I gotta be doin' what I gotta do, solemnly
Drinkin' makes it obvious, don't do it obviously
Followin' me? Hopefully you followin' me CO CO CO COMIC COMIC
COMIC falls, COMIC's dead
Crushin' souls, Harlem lives
Nothing's good, and I'm sick of this stuff
Cops, where must I run x3