Перевод песни Colourbox – Just Give 'em Whiskey

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The lusty decadent delights of imperial Pompei
Notify ground crews
Sex makes your skin glow, your eyes sparkle
Do you fight?
Just give 'em whiskey
Do you fight?
Welcome to voice print identification
When you see the red light go on Would you please state in the following order:
Your destination, your nationality, and your full name
Who are you?
The new Number Two
Who is Number One?
You are, Number Six
I am not a number --- I am a free man!
Satellite space stations in operation for landing and refueling
Gives you sensual pleasure
X-ray delta one, this is mission control
Roger your two zero one three
Sorry you fellas are having a bit of trouble
We are reviewing telemetric information in our mission Simulator and will advise
Our robots are programmed to provide you with an Unforgetable vacation
Dinner at seven, breakfast at six thirty
Eat lunch on your own
Don't look like much here, but we have everything
Each resort is maintained by reliable computer
Technology and peopled by lifelike robot men and women
Desire ends in satisfaction
Experiment with your own life, dammit
Let me handle it And an all controlled environment
That's not supposed to happen
Ready on six, on five, on four, on three, on two, activate, now
Shutdown, shutdown immediately!