Перевод песни The Doll – Passion For Fashion

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passion for the fashion
since it all happened
wanna get those tattos
but i'll keep this rap cool
like i'm that dude
with a bun and the fat jewel
take it back to the pad too
go on television news
and you say «is that you?»
that ain't me
you see you got a diferent G
turn up
stayed on point
just rockin' vans
and no socks
and they flock to me
lookin' at you when you look right back
come on over here girl just talk to me
no more messin' around with the all brand u.s. pol of assassin
like you top fashion
yeah you got me grinnin', laughin'
bout to take off it's time to cash in
but focus
with the casual apparel
aw girl y' all just noticed
like hypnosis
yeah you floatin', starin' and you hopin'
but hol' up
you look like a girl that matches my persona
just graduated
from a badass school
got her good looks, diploma
you come hand-in-hand
workin' with you got me feelin' like the man
you at my shows?
i don't understend
how does that work?
i feel like i'm the fan
let me see
hol' up
see your name in my timeline need to scroll up
need to scroll up see your name in my timeline need to scroll up
got passion
for the fashion
so much fashion