Перевод песни The Icicle Works – Stood Before Saint Peter

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In the moment of my madness
In the presence of my shame
I stood before St. Peter
Naked and unnamed
Praying the fell with genius
Win the blue silk hoe
Across the street where angels stood
In colors bright and bold
He said, «Son, before I judge you
I have to make this clear
Your heartfelt prayers for Heaven on Earth
Don't come to much up here
'Cause you still kill your brother
And watch your children die
Two thousand years ain't changed your ways
And still you wonder why»
«The east side and the west side
With great distance in between
Are parted by false values
And a blindness seldom seen
There's murder in the city street
Bloodshed in the fields
You take your life so lightly
Can you imagine how Jesus feels?»
As I climbed the staircase
My suitcase in my hand
The stars around me shone like jewels
On a vast and promised land
We never claimed perfection
It's hard enough to learn
Heaven's doors are open wide
The fires of Hell still burn