Перевод песни Jimi Hendrix – Mojo Man

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I see electric flames you all
They are burning all over
All over me
Voodoo, Voodoo
That's what they call it now
And you best better
Gone and let it be
But I've always been a gambling man
So you know I'm going to, going to, going to take a chance
This why because
Can't love electric flames
Though it can fuck with me
Because I'm, I'm a Mojo Man
And I'm from
Let me tell you, I'm from Voodoo Land
Mojo Man
From a far away land
Got to change anything you all, anything
With the touch of hand
You made me
Whoever you may be
Just take my voodoo ingenuity
I was raised in a land way back
Near a Fiji land
With a one eyed toad, just walking, in the palm of my hand
Devils, troubles, witches prove
Every girl to me
And old black cats, were my company
So you know I wasn't alone
Mojo, mojo, mojo, mojo, mojo, Mojo Man now
I'm a Mojo Man
I'm going to say it
I'm a Mojo Man
I'm a Mojo Man