Перевод песни Mstrkrft – Bounce

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See all I do, drink my brew, get high too
(I'll get high too)
Yes I like, what you like
Girl lesbian, don't call her dyke (Nope!)
She just bounce, she come over
Left to, she ain't sober
She roll over, keep composure
Tip her on the shoulder,
Damn we good, keep it hood
Sell yo soul with a break in wood
She's just full, keepin' it club
Rile her world, ride her good
She poppin' shit, poppin' it, poppin' lip, poppin' piff
She be good, know I'm hood
Overseas to Westwood
Ha ha ha it ain't jokes
Pull in the whip up wit my spokes
MSTRKRFT, master all
There's no We don't fall, we just ball
Always poppin', beat the case, Johnny Cochrane
MSTRKRFT, master all
There's no We don't fall