Перевод песни Jimmie Driftwood – Arkansas Traveler

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Hey farmer! You been livin' here all your life?
Not yet
Hey farmer! Where does this road go?
Been livin' here all my life, it ain't gone nowhere yet
Hey farmer! How do you get to Little Rock?
Listen stranger, you can't get there from here
Hey farmer! Thought you said that mud-hole weren't very deep?
Only comes up to here on me ducks
Hey farmer! When you gonna fix that leakin' roof?
Ah stranger, when it's a rainin' it's too wet to fix it and when it's dry it's
just as good as any mans house
Hey farmer! You're not too far from a fool are you?
Just a barbed-wire fence between us Hey farmer! You don't know very much do you?
No, but I ain't lost