Перевод песни John Brown's Body – Starver

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No water no wine
Is ever left me You take me through the starving time
Oh love you are divine
No water no wine
No never says she
Will we take bread before the starvers dine
We keeping alive
Given a dollar and that's all we get
Cook all the food at night we shiver and fret
You better know that you have a poison
No antidote, find the medicine
Check out the con man and company
Do what they want with the green trees and economy
We seen a dream it'll catch you one day
Hope not another hungry
Over and over shes getting weak
Forgotten. She's starving
Each morning she keep telling me she wants it We want it, we want it Woe that the starver in a land of plenty
In need, in need
Oh for the soil we keep chanting louder
Make it shower, make a garden grow
Didn't you know how the story ends?
The wind don't fly in a single direction
Break up miles of your best defense that you make, it's a wicked invention
Why can't we feed them here
Gather them all to me We hungry now cause we been in need or we get rude
And we need it soon