Перевод песни John Brown's Body – Step Inside

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Too many people step inside step inside
Come one and all got to make the dancehall tight
Look at the daughter wear the dress so bright
Oh and it feels so right
So many people step inside step inside
Come one and all got to make the dancehall tight
Look at the shotta now they hail the dubwise
Oh and it feels so right
So come inside clear the house of the static
Make it electric and become automatic
We bring the motion to the waves and we crash it
Light up the chalice make it blaze hurry pass it
Nuff kings and queens here stepping in here tonight
One rice and peas and a stout extra size
Bright eyed gal next to me is the prize
So wine up your blessed thighs
Listen free your energy and pull up your hand
One little rudeboy could dash way a dance
The wicked never want to see innocent
People pushing forward again
One spark fire in the room it's no wonder
New boss sound that began with thunder
A lick of one Barrington Levy song make a gunman cool his sound
Cry out louder so the DJ will know it
Replay the sound and keep the good times rolling
Everyone has just a minute to show so
Hold high and make sure that your lighter is glowing
We preaching from the pulpit
Don't reach or fall into the bottomless pit
Run come quick we rock JBB music
Listen to better love and choose it
Look at the people in the light with me sing
Save a life give them what they need
We can receive what the skies couldn't reach
That new riddim can carry me
Out in the streets the dance is reaching
And the dread bawl forward, hear it
Oh can we dance slowly? Girl come cool me down
So come inside hear the drums and the bassie play
We gonna break in a new style flashing a dub plate
My woman have a rhythm she give me in every way
Removing the fears and the pain
Tunes we sing we'll never let die
Sattamassagana or Africa Unite
Whole heap of the people and together we speak
Everyone of them dance sweet