Перевод песни John Brown's Body – Dust Bowl

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The sun doesn't rise
When the dust flies
Oh what a will we find
Humble is the sky
Deepest night
We stand beneath it an cry out
Strong winds behind me
Please stand beside me
Know it begins tonight
Broken we keeping on riding
Thunder we hear before lightning
Repair the souls who pay the price
Oh it's building higher
We can ignite it all in the country
Know every citizen might
Carry the bones and bury the priceless
Know we keep sanctified
We put the pieces in line
Build up an edifice right
They intensify but we call this home
Cause they want to burn it down
Don't give them no fuel to set me on fire
But they want to burn it down
Don't give them no wood to set me on fire
Too much exposed they sacrificed
Another compromise
Like the dust bowl, it will take life
Old man you remember why
You reach beneath the water line and
Open the flood gates wide
You can believe what you like
Won't give the blinded sight
There's no time
Never enough daylight
From the beginning til they start to fall apart
New style
We gonna set the fields on fire tonight
We hear the ghost before our time
Another wildfire
Reborn in smoke Ashes arise
As you digging a deeper crisis
Beware the ocean
It won't stay frozen
Glorious in its size
Know the emotion in our eyes
Know that the ocean's gonna rise