Перевод песни John Brown's Body – Old John Brown

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You come before me Seasons before me Old man you done them wrong
Old man you done them wrong
Bright eyes can tell lies
Bright like the morning skies
Old man laughing at us Old man is dangerous
Oh heed the warning don't put your faith in the
Mighty who tumble down
Cause the blood it might be your own
Ooh now bless my soul
Can't they remember him
The old man come back around
Because of the seeds he put in the ground
Even old John Brown spoke of many miles
Even though John Brown would take many lives
They never know John Brown would begin the fight
Even old John Brown spoke of many miles- could happen tonight
Where they would follow
Some would be foolish to roam
He lead you to a gallows pole
Is it your talent
To care for the children you know
Another might have been stillborn
Recall the time that he lost
And of fortunes plenty
Before the horns turn to rust
They could call on many
And who can hear the voices that speak steady
Because they might be calling you home
I'm not rewarding you
Was not the war we could lose
So many would be lost
So few can move and take up the cause
Visions of one day
Prisons can't hold the
Light that's will follow us After we turn to dust
Is he the one who believes himself to be
A light that keeps marching on Turn it on you can't turn it off
They can't remove pages of history
The old man has to be found
Innocent oh but they put him down
Bright eyes
Could die or catch fire
There's a disguise in each one
So what fight do you choose?
Bright eyes
Should inspire not collide
There's a prize to be won
So what fight do you choose?