Перевод песни John Brown's Body – Fall On Deep

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Too many nights can't leave it alone
Tried it won't let me
You can't take it, it will never belong
Is mine the raging sea
Look into the rarefied light
So little that we're getting
And we're getting where the sun sits everyday
Tired of it setting
Yes she gonna fall on deep
We gonna fall on deep together
Yeah she gonna call on me, not surrender- fall tonight
Yes she gonna fall on deep
So won't you bring me?
Don't you now feel the sound nobody hears?
Don't believe it brighter in the shallows
A fire is in deep
Given a way she'll be a a death defier
Don't tire of racing me
Surprised with a gift tonight
Oh you know I haven't many
But I'm dancing with the one left to me
No more am I asking
Reaching into
Eyes pale and blue
They can can find the truth
The open sea
It makes my body cool
The one could make me steal and justify
A crime we agree
In the deep we dream and both conspire
With the light we escaping
Pull me away I'll pull you next to my heart
For delight we hungry
Give me a taste to make me satisfied girl
And fall into me easy