Перевод песни John Brown's Body – Invitation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Everyone whose voice can't be heard
This is an invitation
Don't turn your back on the world
Despite the ghosts who're giving you up Tonight I know we feeling the urge
And I won't be feeding the pain
Don't put your records away
With so much at stake
We come now with an invitation
Require your participating
A warning boy you better chase some
So come on We come now with an invitation
Require your participation
Become one in every way son
Become one
Throw off all the shackles and chains
Be your own invention
Pray for Whenever we break
Cause we move emotion
They run me down and they won't stop
Gunned down another one
Why can't we ever be safe?
Please know words of my mouth
It's better to speak your soul
And we cry out in stereo
Not gonna know anymore
We can never be sure
Divided you won't find many people
To Invite you from the cold
So in loving deep
So above
We share this heartbeat
That's who we are
The war will never be waged
Never in our lifetime
On this satellite we rage
And build a better equation
Alarm to bring the brigade
And we begin to break you down
We need your presence today
Won't you come?
Become love