Перевод песни 2Chainz – Cooking All Morning

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I-I-I-In the kitchen bustin down the birds with the machete
There they ----- goes cha cha -------- confetti
Whole, half, quarter place your order, got it ready
I stays in the kitchen cooking catfish no spaggetti (lets go)
She was in the front, she was in the back
Money getting made get loose in the track
Nigga dont get no realer' than that
When you live in the land of the lost (biitch)
Chorus (hook)
The feds got my phone tapped
Shits start to get messy
Called them for a bird
Looking for big sexy? looking for big sexy?! looking for big sexy!
Feds got the phone tapped
Shits startin to get messy
Head bitch she schooled me, whippin something foreign she like
Sneezy why you yawning? cuz Ive been cooking all moring, I been
Cooking, cooking, cooking all morning. I been cooking, cooking, cooking all
Verse 2 (2 chainz)
Its that red velvet, piece of cake
I need red ---- just to irragate
All my bitches gay (gay)
All my business straight (straight)
And all I want is meals nigga no dinner plate (true)
Me and money going on a dinner date
Thats right its dinner time (time)
I dont shop at finish line
I don't stop at the finish line, all I see is them behind
Cut your girl down
Bitch its timber time
Temper tantran spazzin at the sax fifth
What you mean you ain't got my size ?! Bitch, I gotta have this
Im opposite of average
Im redrum spelled backwards (murder)
Since the feds record my phone calls I say ad libs
Verse 3
Rookie you have no name