Перевод песни Cap 1 – Gang Bang

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Bring me my ma'fuckin' hat
Set trippin' on you niggas
‘Bout to get it gangbangin' on you ma'fuckas
Cut through this ma'fucka with the top back
Throwin' signs all out the window at you niggas
You know what it is, nigga
Aye, look...
I'm from the city where they gang bang
Gang bang, gang bang, gang bang
Tattoos on my body — represent my gang
Bunch of niggas with me — reppin' the same thing
What you reppin' homie? What you reppin' cous'?
What you reppin' gangster? What you reppin' blood?
Throw your sets high — rep for that logo
Got my hat cocked — pistol in the chokehold
Bunch of niggas with me — they all felons
Extended clips — AK47s
Gangster Disciples — Black Stones
Vice Lords — we back on
My city love me, can't forget them Latin Kings
First plug was a Mexican I met, he threw me half a thing
Blow me with them midis
I wanna make a play like a nigga getting' busy
Breakin' down work over East with the four
Gangbangin' nigga whoop a nigga out his clothes
I'm a hood nigga, and y'all know that
Familiar bricks be foam-wrapped
Whole thing I grind it up
Rolex I don't wind it up
Some niggas hood bleed blue
Some niggas hood bleed red
Just seen a dead man walkin'
Homies call him Lil' ½ Dead
Caddy off and it's damn fast
Mama smokin', she a crack head
I only know how to activate
Nigga, grab the semi, nigga crack heads
Hundred deep they on the block
Trigger play, that's off the top
Every young nigga posted up
And live a thug life just like Pac
That paper chase, when will it stop?
Hustler just like his pops
Nigga sixteen with a eighteen
Nigga, sixteen off in the Glock
Ridin' on his enemies
All these dreams, buyin' quarter keys
Two blocks, that's 66th
Ask him where he from, he gon' represent
I'm 500 with this bandana
My bars crack, no antennae
I rock jewels, no Santana
Give you sixteens, Joe Montana
I put niggas on World Star
Then go platinum the next day
Put hollow tips in your girl's car
Then be at the funeral like «let's pray»
Got a hundred racks in my back pack
Put half of that on your snapback
Nigga livin' life on that fast track
‘Til he slowed down by that black mack
I'm a real blood —
Come to Compton, see real thugs
Since Mary J did «Real Love»
I've been poppin' niggas like pills, blood
12-years-old, walkin' to sixth grade
Red Bulls jersey and a switchblade
Cedar block and let them heaters pop
It ain't a nigga from my hood that's bitch-made
I got a red rag in my Trues
Red dots on my tools
Redbone in my Coupe
Red ‘Rari, no roof
Up the ratchet like Soo
Then pull the trigger, like «whoop»
Milk carton catch the shells
Now we merkin' niggas, no proof
I'm authentic, fuck a throwback
Niggas throw one I throw four back
It's Blood Gang, let's go, Cap
Gangbang, gangbang, gangbang, gangbang
Tattoos on my body — represent my gang
Bunch of niggas with me — reppin' the same thing