Перевод песни Paper Aeroplanes – Sleeper Train

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The cloudy head, my legs are lead, the thinking's overdone
This sleeper train's a day away, from where it once begun
And he-------e, is a place called home
He---------e, is the great unknown
And I'm ready, to go
I let you win, translucent skin, you tip-toed in with stealth
I just let go, of rules, I know, the ones I set myself
And he------ere, did you hear him go?
Fle-------eting, as west Wales snow
But I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, to know
When something, in this place
Reveals, a hollow space
And if doubt crosses your face
I'm too far away, to see
The pain is wet, too close you get; the colours only run
And the lines will bleed on empty sheets, when all is said and done
I'm he----ere, as the towns fly past
He----ere, as the die is cast
I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, at last