Перевод песни Richard Pryor – So You Wanted To See The Wizard

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So you wanted to meet the wizard
Let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place
Shall i make you a frog or a lizard
You should see the strange expression on your face
If the way i come on is frightening
That’s the way i felt like coming on today
Have you ever been kissed by lightning?
Let me tell you that will make you go away!
I fly, and the magic of my power takes me higher
To a level where the clouds turn into fire
In the warmness of the fire
I feel fine
Just keep your eyes open and the magic you will see
It will whistle on the wind
As it emanates from me
It’s a strong and true vibration
You can feel it on your skin
Now come and take my hand
And we will dance
Upon the wind
So you wanted to meet the wizard!