Перевод песни Richie McDonald – Why Santa's Fat

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Verse 1
​Did you ever wonder why ol' Santa is so fat?
​Why it feels so cushy when you sit down on his lap?
​He eats Mrs Claus' cherry pies and then would you believe
​200 fifty million cookies every Christmas Eve
But thats not why Santa's fat, thats not why Santa's round
​Thats not why Santa squeezes in each chimney he goes down
​Verse 2
​He's been in pepper mints at least a 100 years
​He's been caught with lots of cotton candy in his beard
​He goes flying up for chocolates shakes along the milky way
​Jingle Bells and jelly beans both tattle in his sleigh
​Repeat Chorus
​Verse 3
​He loves lemon tarts about as much as lemon drops
​Every pocket has to have at least two tootsie pops
​Just before he hooks up all his reindeer to his sleigh
​He sneaks in a couple loads of raisin ginger bread
​Repeat Chorus
​Its not sugar plums and bubble gums or the ozone none of that
​Santa's just so full of love and that's why Santa is fat
​Yes it is !