Перевод песни Buck Owens – I've Got A Happy Heart (The Apollo 16 Program)

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Happiness is something that we all need plenty of Starts from deep inside your heart when you've someone to love
So if you're not as happy as you feel you ought to be Find someone in this world to love and have a happy heart like me
I've got a happy heart and feel like I could almost fly
I think if someone shot me that I wouldn't even die
Just find someone to live for and to love and then you'll see
Why I've got this happy heart inside of me
A smile is so becoming yet how many times it's true
A person wears a frown cause it's a habit to be blue
Sometimes it takes convincing that life can't be all that bad
Just take a look around you and you won't feel quite so sad
I've got a happy heart...
Why I've got this happy heart inside of me