Перевод песни Roscoe Dash – Oh My

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Jeans fitting right, hair did, shawty you the best
Light skinned, dark skinned, bottom right, top heavy
Jeans fitting right, hair did, shawty you the best
You the one girl, you the one girl
Something bout them jeans that you wearing
Something bout them jeans that you wearing
Yeah you got that body of a goddess
You got no competition you got it You make me wanna say oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my
I got one in Miami, she mean with a mouth piece
She like LeBron, I'm taking my talents down the South Beach
Pineapple to chase it, go on girl just chase it All we drink is my shit, coco loso wasted
Love that lil waist shit, damn them hips just sit out
Now I see who all these hating girls be talkin' shit bout
From the front looking like she got some ass probably
They say that's a sign girl: ass-trology
Tight denim with them little rips in ‘em
«Wait in line» jeans, take a minute to get in ‘em
BBD say you poison well I want some of that venom girl, girl
Ooooh, girl your ass is superthick
Lotta chicks off in this club and you the baddest in this bitch
Ooooh, look at what you wearing girl
The club owner should pay you whenever you make an appearance
And you got me hooked, I might try not to look but I keep staring
Come out to my city see, I run that bitch like errands oooh
Grown as hell I don't care to choose
Who's coming, you, her and you
Roll this up, after you hit this once, you'll need a parachute
To tell the truth I'mma tear the roof
Out that muthafucker nail it too
Loud pipes, hear the coupe, vroom, got stripes like a general
You know I'm tryna get into you
Now you the baddest that I've seen in the club all night
Girl, your booty had me stuck like a drug all night
Damn, girl I really wanna put it on you like a coaster
Love how you moving over there but I really want you closer
Let get drunk off this Moscato, do it like there's no tomorrow
Wake up and if it's up we'll do it like theres no tomorrow
Jump on it, I want it, he on it, bone it Whenever she want it R-O-S-C-O-E Dash dismantling every component
Girl you the one, too bad I'm not a jumper?
She love the way the rapper tastes, too bad I'm not a sucker
She call me when she need it And I'mma come running to feed that appetite I do it anyway she want