Перевод песни Jeezy – Ether Freestyle

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if i die young, bury me inside
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
send me away with the words of a love song
if i die young
(repeat 2x)
oh my God,
what's this crazy life of mine
Swear these niggas tryna kill me
but i know that i'll be fine
if you send me to the dark,
get this world a light to shine
cause there's gon be a lot of people mad
if i die young
And my momma
raised two kids all on her own
I was jealous of them kids who had two parents in they home
My paps left me for the sky,
my pap left me for they sky
Now i'm steady poppin bottles
like there's messages inside them
Uh, I'm just livin low key
Something sorta like an OG
Now everybody seems to know me
Started way back in 03
When i started to rap
and smoke weed
2Pac, S. N double O. P
J.A.Y and hyphen to the Z
They taught me
to write what i see
New York taught me to be real
Out here it's gonna get killed
So i gotta make that change
And just,
just tell them how i feel
And i feelin like
I lived so many lifetimes already
And the funny part is,
I just begun
So if i die young
repeat Let me get a chance
to say the things i never say
Cause where i'm from we lose somebody every single day
And the mothers see the funerals of sons before they sons turn 21
I swear i wonder why the heck i even pray
I take that back,
I know y'all brilliant
I shot this down,
First they wanna sign me,
then they wanna confine me,
Oh wait, oh yeah, i get it
Kill my visible but never my spirit
Just be careful
when you burn them bridges
Once this burnin can't return
it's how you learn
and not been givin
God damn, hear my sound
I goes in, but i don't back down
I'm that king,
but i don't rock crowns
Oh wait, yep, i do, ok
Yep no sympathy no way
That's just not how i was raised
i'd rather get down a slay
Everybody that's in my way it's ok
And you can be the worst
that's just no way
So as long as i am livin,
i'm blessed with what i'm givin,
I'm good
If i die young