Перевод песни Dawn Of Oblivion – Into The Dungeon

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I'm waiting, I'm waiting here again
I try not to tell you how I am The mirror's laughing, I'm running in the rain
An echo surrounds me, the screaming of a lamb
This nauseous feeling tears me apart
From right or wrong, God did I try
The almighty God well is this art?
I couldn't stand to tell you why...
Into the dungeon there's no recall
I'm waiting for the death next door
The Devil and the seven steps
Are waiting here forevermore
I'm waiting, I'm waiting by the phone
I have some questions, why won't you call
You know I can't reach you on your dark throne
I had the faith in you now watch it fall
Your dreams of me were true about you
The webs you spun, you had me in your net
The wind blows me away from you as I knew
What you are is what you get
What you get, you deserve it You deserve it, you deserve it You bastard how could you do?!?