Перевод песни Matt Kennon – You Had To Pick On Me

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He hid behind his lunchbox
Everyday at that bus-stop
Where some big ole boys got their kicks
Kickin' him 'round
He was scared as hell of that Recess Bill
That gray ground was more like a battlefield
And he knew he'd get himself killed
If he didn't back down
With black in his eye and blood in his mouth
On the way home, all he thought about
Is we could've been team-mates
We could've been friends
You could've made a difference
You could've stepped in
If you didn't like me, you should've just let me be
But no, you had to pick on me
She heard them laughin' 'bout the way she looked
In the hallway at the high-school
She hid behind her books
Everyday in that lunch-room
She wouldn't eat a thing
She stared in that mirror, hatin' what she'd see
Tryin' to be pretty became a disease
She was killin' herself, just dyin' to fit in
The diary she kept underneath her bed
Hid all those words that she never said
We could've been sisters, cheerin' at the games
We could've gone to prom, shared the same limousine
If you didn't like me you should've just let me be
But no, you had to pick on me
It's time to make a stand
Take responsibility
'Cause it's gotten outta hand
There should never have to be
Another child's headstone
That might as well read
You had to pick on me
Yeah, you had to pick on me