Перевод песни Razorback – As Spicy As It Gets

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Spicy. this is how hot it gets
Burning fever, the wicked get no rest
And just let me lay you down to sleep
Spicy. a peppery, lovely treat
When you come around at night and then you turn down the lights
I'd love to see you in black. No, don't you turn your back
I got the means to be treatin' you right
But then again I guess I just not might
So if you want to love it with me
You've just got to do with the Spicy
One more time, I gotta get myself another rhyme
So I can say these words sweetly, softly spoken in your ears
Gently... no memories, no fears
Cool as ice, a chill on your body
Your feminine flavor, it kinda makes me wonder
If it's too much spice, will my tongue tell me lies?
Lovely, I don't think I'll know for real
I've got to feed the demons in the sea
Men don't have to be what they don't want to be
In my dreams, I am the spicy treat
Spice to flavor but please be discreet
Spice to flavor but please be discreet...