Перевод песни Razorback – Beggar's Moon_Tie Dye Sky

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Stargazer have you seen your skies?
Should tell you of times gone by With hues of purple, blue and red, return of a memory left unsaid
Now seasons change and I'm of age to know
Black is white and sometimes blue is red
I've bled a river and now it's dry. Say hello to my.
Well, it seems to me I hand me a vision, call it a fit of inspiration
I've seen the joining of both night and day
The palette's the sky, the painter's insane
With the clumsy collision of Earth and shadow
The madman decides the hues of tomorrow
He's got you mystified, hard to deny. Say hello to my ...
Avatar comes, technology dies
Welcome new days see my tie dye sky...
Your river is dry, well, light the starless skies
And may your rivers be tainted
And may the Earth be stained
I don't believe just what I see
My eyes are playing tricks on me And it's a sign from the failing heavens
The rising, the coming of unseen demons
Machines are the devils that you've taken for free
Why sip from a cup when you can drink from the sea?
I'm sorry for humanity, I'm weepin' for humanity...
Avatar comes, machinery dies
Welcome new days see my tie dye sky...