Перевод песни Dark Castle – Grasping The Awe

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Words whether they are vocalized
Into sounds or remain unspoken as thoughts
Can cast an almost hypnotic spell on you
You easily lose yourself in them
And can become hypnotized into implicity
Believing, that when attach a word to something
You know what it is the fact is you don't know
You have only covered up the mystery with a label
Everything a bird a tree even a simple stone
And certainly a human being is ultimately unknowable
Becoming shallow lifeless deadened
To life unfolding around you within
Grasping the awe inside around you
When you stare a flower or a bird let it be Without imposing a word or label to it
A sense of awe and wonder arises within you
And takes you to the source
A sense of the miraculous returns to your life
That was lost long ago
The quicker you attach words to things people or situations
The more shallow and lifeless your reality becomes
And the more deadened you become to the miracle
Of life that continuously unfolds within and around you
All we can perceive and experience is the surface
Layer of reality less than the tip of the iceberg
Listen to silence
Words reduce reality to something the
Human mind can grasp which isn't very much