Перевод песни Biopsy – Hypoxia

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Realize that human beings can kill
We've got the power to command at our will
Emotions block the senses and we liberate the fight
We think of us as gods to decide what's wrong and right
Cancer and hypoxia, we are killing mother earth
Hilt is in our hands to eliminate all life
Intelligence is worthless cause our system is so raw
Species are unable to intimidate our crimes
Dilution of the poison to contaminate at will
Enforcing reaction that a single cell can feel
Energize the body that maintains our souls alive
Retreating plague and anger to dilacerate our times
Spectral mass ambition to eliminate the pain
Retarded fist retortion burning floors and killing life
Lethargic sick sensation underneath our putrid skin
Subtract the hate and anger just to compensate our sins
Get out of this misery you cannot stand up the fight
Pray to other gods to decide whats wrong and right
Embrace your whole existence just to compensate our sins
Illusion and reality will melt into a final grin