Перевод песни Papa Charlie Jackson – I'm Alabama Bound

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Stood on the corner, feet got soaking wet
I was hollering and crying to every brown, to hell I'm at
I'm Alabama bound, I'm Alabama bound
Then if you want me to love you babe, you got to leave this town
When the rooster crowed, the hen looked around
Said if you want me to love you babe, you got to run me down
Look here pretty mama, who can your regular be Says the reason I'm blacking out stalling babe, you been so good to me There's a preacher in the pulpit, Bible in his hand
And the sisters was back in the amen corner, hollering that's my man
Now the boat's up the river, can't be floated down
But she's way on south now darling babe, Alabama bound
Just like a beefsteak beefsteak, ain't got no bone
Then if a man like a good brownskin woman now babe, he ain't got no home
Elder Green's in town, and he's going around
And he's telling all the sisters and the brothers he meets, he's Alabama bound
Now don't you leave me here, don't you leave me here
Just before you and your partner get ready to go, leave a dime for beer