Перевод песни Lee Hazlewood – Peculiar Guy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
One night in a card game I lucked at a peculiar run
I won a good team a woman called Red and a gun
I won a valley won a mountain so high
But a lion lured my mountain and a lion is a peculiar guy
I worked with my team and I soon grew as rich as the land
The woman called Red learned to love me as I loved the land
My valley turned green my mountain smiled down from the sky
One morning the lion came down from his kingdom I owned
He killed the woman called Red and he left me alone
My valley turned brown my mountain didn't seem so high
I climbed up my mountain and burried the woman called Red
I emptied my gun in the lion until he laid dead
I left my valley I left my mountain so high
I can't live with mem'ries cause I'm a peculiar guy
(Trouble is a little and it's lonesome you won't find it on any map
But you can take three steps in any direction and you're there
It's a place to be born and it's a place to live and it's a place to die and be forgotten
It's a town called Trouble and Trouble is a lonesome town)