Перевод песни State Of East London – Malevolence

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
As I plunge my fist unto these fragile desolate plains*
I decimate this under achieving existence
And I become one with the world and from me more will be I stand defiant on the day that my life comes to pass
That the distant abyss holds me evidently closer in its cage
Upon this alter I am sold to this deity
Yet in death the blackness engulfs me and then
I lose myself within the pages of malcontent and massacres
A god so loved his flock he sent them rampaging
Burn those whose voices cast clear rebellion against the lord
Strangling their lifeless bodies with flame until the souls of man is pure
When forth comes this existence
Upon the alter I am sold to this deity
Await for the arrival of their false deceitful prophet
A vigorous hunt for converts who weaken without the sword
The enslavement of mankind goes uncontested
I witness a festering disgrace
I see a malevolent tyrant
Fuelled by jealousy and hatred towards those
Who oppose and withstand beyond belief
I watch this world to fall to its knees
Yet they say that we are the disease
Beginning with a breath of fresh air and a mind unpolluted
I see freely I breathe freely
I denounce myself from the prophet
And from this my life comes to end